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Media Recovery Technology, have built a solid reputation as the leading provider of data recovery services for corporations and individuals alike. Whether helping Government departments, Medium-sized enterprises or budding entrepreneurs, we have become one of the preferred partner to facilitate the recovery and replication of both internal and external data.

Our team's expertise spans some 10 years of developing and implementing disaster recovery strategies for their respective companhies. As project managers, systems developers and software engineers, we have assisted a wide variety of organisations to minimize their lost revenues by delivering rigorous and proven data recovery strategies.

After an initial consultation with one of our diagnostic specialists, a plan of action will be outlined and documented for your approval. We offer a prompt service with minimum turnaround times, where client data can be restored and encrypted (where necessary) using our secure data storage facilities.

All client data is protected by a Non-Disclosure Agreement and our staff will execute their activities with the utmost care and confidence to provide maximum data recovery.

We continuously monitor the latest technologies to ensure our staff can offer the most effective and timely solution to your data recovery needs. Our ongoing commitment to customer service remains a top priority - to deliver a first-class service and ensure our customers' operations can resume full service in the shortest possible time.

We offer Free Diagnostic Services, Free Recovery, the only catch you have to make a small contribution or donation to help us cover the cost of backup and send the data back to you. We can repair and recover data from any brand of hard drives or media devices, from Seagate, Toshiba, phones, Maxtor, Hitachi to Western Digital.

Its our promisse whatever the level of service needed to retrieve the data you will not pay $$$$$ for the work we do. We have team of professionals doing a great job therefore we can help customers save money

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