Data Recovery price

Data Recovery price:

Many companies often operate in the data recovery market says they are the best and the cheapest, including some computer shops are also looking to tap from the niche market and most of them do not have the full knowledge  and skills required to process the job .

Some companies are happy to showcase and put all the labs stuff from YouTube videos, but the reality once you sent your damaged media to them you will be shocked with work and the costs involved.

The Costs:

The Media Recovery Technology, we are small efficient team, with good technicians/engineers to handle any type of media from hard drives to RAID's.

To repair any media it involve costs, labour, and time we save customers money because we offer free service. In order for us to stay in business we ask customers to cover some basic costs such as parts and backups.

We do not to charge customers for any upfront costs. Our service is FREE as long you agree to make a small donation to the work we do that is final.

Most of the times we recommend customers to send us their media and also to include any BACKUP so that can be use to store the data and sent back to the customer.

How do I recover photo from a Snapchat after I accidentally deleted?

There are other options available which can be discussed with customer before and during the recovery process. We may assist customer when they a simple recovery to do, however when the job is complicated you need help of a professional data team together get the data back.