I drop my drive and now make fainting noise and drive is
not spinning you need help of a professional because it has Mechanical problem

I believe the PCB is smelling burned, due to overcharge in the current it has burned some components on the PCB

If your data is really important don’t try to recover the data yourself specially if the drive has mechanical problem

If you to retrieve the data and if its important please send it to a data recovery company they will charge more for the labour.

When I connect my drive I hear the clicking, sound and the drive stay busy when connected to the PC, well your drive has mechanical problem, which mean physical damage so you need to stop powering your media

My drive comes on BIOS but my PC freeze or System Boot failure this occurs for various reasons and these problems happens because the drive has Bad Sectors, Firmware, or what we say logical problems etc.

I had Virus attack and I am not able to access my data drive, you can always send it to a professional data recovery service

I did turn on my Laptop it seem to show Blue Screen and some errors
After I unplugged the drive from the Laptop or PC the partition is not visible

I have forgot my password and now can not access the data
Connected the wrong power to my external drive now it will not power

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