Frequently Q&A

Q1. How much does it cost to repair and recover the data of hard drive?

Answer: normal price for the all process from start to finish, most companies charge minimum £350 to £1000 plus VAT.

The customer will pay for diagnostic even though its mentioned to be FREE, pay for labour costs from delivery alway up to finished recovering process which is a backup of your data.

We (MRT) will not charge the amount for a recovery, all we ask that you can make a  pay for labour costs which is nothing comparing to other competitors.

Q2 some of people think it's easy to do data recovery? you just need a software and scan for lost or deleted data?? Wrong

Answer: if its easy than there was not need for engineers or electrician to do their job because everyone could do it.

for example in Quora I am asked all the time how can recover deleted messages from phones!! So how can you explain to someone how to recover data if most of them do not know what they are doing. They will probably end up loosing the data completely.



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