Return & Complaints

Media Recovery Technology solutions is shall not be held responsible for either corrupt or encrypted data however we can in turn run a test using a software integrity which will give an estimate of how many files are working. The customer has a reasonable time of 7 days to see if we (MRTsolutions) help or assist in resolving any problems

MRTsolutions customer services are always available to help solve any problems as long the customer contact us within the reasonable time.

Your data will be keep for 14 days and if you(customer) do not want the original drive/Media returned the MRTsolutions will dispose of the media on your behalf.

No advance payment will be taken for any work, parts or services unless the customer has agreed and made the decision for the MRTsolutions to make purchase and carry own repair to retrieve the data.

If any prices quoted after initial diagnostic and the customer has taken the decision to agree, that shall the remain the initial and final payment.

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