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Hard Drive Recovery

Our expertise enables us to recover data from the most popular and sometimes rare models of hard drive, and protect your data privacy with a secure recovery process.  Using the most advanced tools, we can work with logical and physical hard drive failures.

Before commencing the recovery process, we will provide a free diagnostic report, which will highlight the problems with your media and the process needed for recovery. During this process, our engineers will dismantle your Media and carry out a thorough inspection for physical damage.  This then allows them to execute all repairs at every level specially when the hard drive stop working.  All recoveries are completed in a safe environment, and we can also safely handle the recycling of your old storage/media device if required.

Using this intricate process guarantees us the best results and offers our clients a major advantage to deliver a consistently high level of data recovery.

We are confident in our abilities to recover your lost data where others have failed. If we can not deliver in our promise to retrieve your data from the damaged media you will not charge you any fee.

We are a small team of experience engineers and technicians therefore we can save our customers thousand where others companies have to charge their customer's exhorbitant amount of money.

Our consultation process is free and we provide a free recovery.

We advise our customers if your data is important do not attempt to open the media (hard drive, SD card, Memory, and USB) and tried repair it yourself, if you do not know what you are doing, the reason why you will cause further degradation, which will lead to further data lost and corruption. If your device is not operational sound ruff stop using it and power off imediately.

When the media fails just stop using it, this will give you better chance for us to successfully retrieve your data. Even after we carried out mechanical repair the media still fails because the customer left their devices powered or tried to repair first before sending to a specialist not a computer shop.

Many occasions we had people leaving disapointed and to find out they have caused further damages or degradation to their media because no data will ever be recovered.

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