Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions apply to:

  1. Any Electronic Media Operated by Media Recovery Techcology 
  2. Any Repair carried out at the MRT lab and own third party services

These Terms and Conditions should be read in conjunction with any Confirmation Document sent by the customer:

To provide an excellent customer service under the terms and conditions of service offered. Companies entrust us to safeguard and recover their valuable data from their operating systems and other high-capacity devices.

The customer should be aware that we are not liable for any loss of your parcel during the transit or improper packaging such as further damaged to your hard drive or media as well using incorrect address or when the drive is stolen
Customer must agree before we can attempt any work on hard drive therefore we will not be hold responsible for any further damages, integrity, corruptness, and validity of the data received. Before you send your hard drive you must read and sign our terms and conditions and forward with your iPad, iPhone, Tablet, Raid's, Pendrive, and SSD.

The first phase of our service is to diagnose your hard drive (any tipe of device storage) which will be free, and we will contact you to let you know about the conditions and the cost of possible recovery, where you have the option to decide if you want us to go ahead to proceed with recovery or if you do not want to proceed with recovery we will process a dispatch  of your hard drive which will be returned at the customer expenses.

MRTsolutions will sent you (customer) a list of contents which will contain a number of folders and files that were possible to be recover from your damaged Hard Drive/Media, which will be emailed to you to verify.

We (MRTsolutions) also believe the customer's discretion all data is protected by a Non-Disclosure Agreement and our staff will execute their activities with the utmost care and confidence to provide maximum data recovery. Your privacy atmost important to (MRTsolutions), and we ensure that we will keep that way.

Any settlement or dispute regarding unsatisfactory job will be dealt with on discretion on re-recovery of the data and therefore any full/partial refund will be the final decision of MRTsolutions.

Our main objective is to recover the data and MTRsolutions Data Recovery reserves the right to sub-contract or use service of other partners to fulfil their obligations to meet the customer needs. The customer can provide us with parts to carry any mechanical work or back up of the data which
will not involve any further costs and a discount towards the final paying price

The method of payment is can be either by Credit Card, Debit Card, Bank Transfer or PayPal. The conditions offered by the MTRsolutions is based on the level of Diagnostic with no upfron cost involved. The two options offered to the customer are Normal and Express Services which are at different prices

We are committed to provide companies or individual if required from MRTsolutions with an invoice for Tax Purpose, therefore it will subject to the VAT, which ever country you as (customer)  you are based

If you are satisfied with our terms and conditions please print the online form with all your details and attach to your hard drive or other device and forward to our address

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